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About Flavoil

FlavOil is a specialist edible oil company. Our goal is simply to provide the professional chef and home kitchen user the very best quality oils and fats, all at unbeatable prices. Our wealth of experience in the industry allows us to do just that.

Our technical expertise and unique scientific approach allows us to control every aspect of the oil production. From the initial planting of the seeds right up to the packaged products you enjoy in your kitchen, be it a professional or home kitchen. Our expertise is unmatched and allows us to manufacture a uniquely wide range of oil based products to meet every possible need.


High Oleic Oil is great for the environment because it is entirely plant based, 100% sustainable and can considerably reduce waste oil or eliminates it altogether. The oil is available in a revolutionary Bag-in-box that uses 80% less plastic than regular packaging.


FlavOil High Oleic Oil is refined from highest quality natural high oleic seeds. FlavOil control the whole process in compliance with the exacting ISO 22000 certification scheme and our oil is delivered fresh direct to our customers in sealed containers. Each box carries a batch number and date of manufacture.


FlavOil have created the healthiest all-purpose oil commercially available. Guaranteed to be over 80% monounsaturated fat. PUFAs and Sat Fats are kept to a minimum. Less than any other oil. MUFAs are proven to reduce LDL Cholesterol and yet HOSO is also cholesterol free and a good source of Vitamin E.


HOSO has outperformed every other commercial oil in independent tests. Our Monounsaturated oil resists breakdown and will outlast cheap commodity oils. It has no oily taste. Does not smell and produces a fine crisp finish that lasts. It is economical in use and reduces waste and downtime.

We take enormous pride in our wide range of products, and this is directly reflected in the superb relationships we enjoy with our customers, be they major wholesalers or small family run businesses. We consider our customers part of the FlavOil family and this is reflected in our award winning customer service, as we realise our customers make us what we are.

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