Czech this out

We all went over to Prague in the Czech republic to exhibit at the Food and Hotel fair. We are introducing High Oleic oil in several countries simply because there is a need for healthier oil in every frying situation. Where in the UK we have a big fish & chip industry, other countries also have a taste for fried food too! Chips are great and a popular treat where potatoes are a staple, but not everywhere uses potatoes as the climate is often too hot. Potatoes are not common in Asia for example. But the Asians are famous friers and there is a ready market for frying oil in China too.

Belgians are famous for their chips with mayonnaise nd what used to be called the Levant or the Middle East has a great preference for Sunflower oil.

In the stunning City of Prague, we met many restauranteurs and QSR operators with a keen interest in our high performance oil.

Here Martin & Ruslan are setting up a stall to introduce our High Oleic Oil to the Czechs.