Dubai Expo cook-off

The Expo Culinaire has attracted chefs from all over the Emirates and beyond to take part in an open contest to find the best chefs in the area.

Literally hundreds of chefs have been milling around many with highly decorated tunics and medals giving an indication of their great skills.

We were lucky enough to taste some of the food prepared by some of the top chefs and it is remarkable to taste the skills at first hand.

Many chefs have paused at our stand to find out more about High Oleic Oil as oil is such an important ingredient in every dish. 

It is not just used as a cooking medium, it is used as a salad dressing, as an ingredient inalmost every dish and the type of oil used in a dish has a critical effect on the health and taste of the final result! image 3 - Dubai Expo cook-off image 4 - Dubai Expo cook-off