FlavOil is Flying High

With growing trends in healthy eating on the rise, global flying giant Emirates Flight Catering has switched to healthy FlavOil High Oleic Cooking oil on all its in-flight catering.
High Oleic oil is composed of good fats such as monounsaturated fats, usually found in olive oil, and is low in bad fats such as artery-hardening saturated fats and inflammatory polyunsaturates.

“High oleic oil is a premium cooking oil that is better for our customer's health”, says Matthew McCabe of Emirates Flight Catering, “and with 200,000 meals served on our airline per week that is important to us, it is a healthy and sustainable oil with low waste”.

The Emirates Cooking facility in Dubai is the largest kitchen in the World and provides meals for 160 airlines worldwide.

The High Oleic Cooking oil is a FlavOil product, entirely plant based with no animal fats, no GMO and is universally faith and lifestyle compliant.