HORECA Trade has signed a new exclusive distribution agreement with the London-based edible oil company.

HORECA Trade, a Bidfood Group company, the multi-channel foodservice provider of international F&B brands has signed a new exclusive distribution agreement with London-based edible oil company, FlavOil, to supply it’s High Oleic Cooking Oil to the UAE’s foodservice channels.

FlavOil Jerrycan

Commenting on the secured designation, Bidfood Middle East chief commercial officer, Wael Al Jamil, said: “FlavOil is the kind of company that we, at HORECA Trade, always seek to partner with, unique, transformative and solution-based. We are excited to be appointed as the exclusive distributors of FlavOil’s products within the local foodservice channels and are strongly committed to increasing the company’s market footprint in the UAE.”

Adding to Al Jamil’s statement on the partnership, FlavOil marketing manager, Martin McHugh, said: “Our deal with HORECA Trade means reaching a wider consumer base in the UAE and penetrating further deep into the local foodservice market. With HORECA Trade’s industry authority and powerful network, there’s no doubt that our companies’ mutual goals will come to fruition.”

High oleic oil is a new-generation, non-GM oil that is entirely natural, non-hydrogenated, and cholesterol-free. It is a form of sunflower oil that has been horticulturally-bred to produce an oil richer in monounsaturated fats (the good kind) than even extra virgin olive oil. High oleic oil is ideal for frying, baking, and cold preparations.

FlavOil’s High Oleic Cooking Oil is refined from the highest-quality natural high oleic seeds. It is durable, and resists heavy usage, lasting in the high heat of the professional kitchen. It also reduces waste and downtime and is being rapidly adopted by professional chefs and QSR operators as a more economical choice in the long term, despite its premium price.

The high oleic oil improves the quality of the end product, provides a fine crisp finish to fried foods with no leftover taste or smell, and increases their shelf life.

FlavOil’s High Oleic Cooking Oil is 100% sustainable, entirely plant-based and can reduce waste considerably or eliminate it altogether.