Zanfish Stocks FlavOil

FlavOil are excited to announce that Zanfish, Derby’s favourite Fish & Chip operation is now stocking FlavOil High Oleic Oil.

Zanfish is a highly successful operation that combines running top end Fish & Chip restaurants with a thriving Fish & Chip distribution company. 

Zanfish started in the swinging sixties and they know just about everything about Fish & Chips by now. Like many forward looking companies, Zanfish run a top end operation offering a quality dining experience far removed from the High Street chippy of yore. Today, the fish are super fresh, sustainable fish and freshly harvested potatoes fried in top quality unsaturated oil. It is a great dish and we are proud to work with the team at this great company.

Zanfish run several Chip restaurants in the Derby area and distribute Fish & Chip supplies to many Chip Shop operators in a large area in East Midlands. The company also run a number of Mobile Chippies attending sports venues and events.
image 3 - Zanfish Stocks FlavOil