Egg Free Mayo

Type of packaging: glass jar 430ml

CREAMY, VELVETY AND LUXURIOUS - FlavOil’s Mayo is a breakthrough in Vegan Mayonnaise, it’s perfectly textured and transforms any dish into something special.
HEART HEALTHY ALL NATURAL - Made with the pure, fresh plant goodness of Sunflower oil. Our Gluten Free Mayo is sure to delight your tastebuds.
DELICIOUSLY VERSATILE - FlavOil’s mayonnaise is so super versatile in the kitchen. Perfect for any recipe that calls for regular mayonnaise or salad dressing.
FROM NATURES KITCHEN TO YOURS - We take enormous pride in our planet friendly production ethics in addition there are no animal products or derivatives in our product.
LONGER SHELF LIFE - Our groundbreaking Mayo does not contain eggs hence is perfectly suited to use in all climates without spoiling, perfect for BBQ's and Picnics.

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Sunflower Oil, water, sugar, salt, emulsifier: modified starch, thickener - modified starch, citric acid, preservative - potassium sorbate, acetic acid, stabiliser - xanthin gum, antioxidant - rosemary extract, stabiliser - guar gum, artificial mustard flavour, natural black pepper flavour, beta-carotene colouring.