FlavOil have created the perfect frying oil for schools. Fats and oils are a vital part of our diet and the UN has ruled that 35 -40% of our diet should come from fats and oils. It has been FlavOil's mission to create the healthiest, best performing oil for schools and other institutions.

To the average person, all oils seem to be the same, a commodity and yet they are very different! It is well known that Olive oil is a special oil and this is partly because it has an ancient heritage, and it is a good oil. But it would be odd if we had made no advance since the time of Ancient Greece. The modern frying oil is High Oleic Oil by FlavOil. A better triglyceride profile than olive oil and a better frying performance than Palm Oil.

Unlike other oils that are not sustainable. High Oleic Cooking Oil is made from non-genetically modified sunflowers and has no hydrogenated fats. It does not damage the rainforests and no animals are hurt in its production.

Our unique Bag-in-box container is easy to store, folds flat for recycling and uses a whopping 80% less plastic that the usual bottle-in-box and plastic containers of our competitors.

FlavOil strive to provide the highest possible standard of product for mass catering. Large organisations have a huge responsibility as they serve thousands of people and can be the fountainhead of good nutrition. Our oil is single source, fresh, unadulterated, non GM, non-trans fat, low in Saturated fats, Low in Omega 6 and manufactured under stringent FSSC 22000 regulations. It is a 'Good oil'.

We have talked a lot about science, but food is an art. Organoleptics is a word to describe the sensory dimensions of oils. Fried food is not in itself unhealthy. People love fried food, it tastes great, has a wonderful texture and uses less energy to cook. We want people to enjoy fried food, we just want to make it better! FlavOil's High Oleic Oil has no oily taste so the flavours of your top ingredients come through. High Oleic oil produces food with a crisp texture that lasts longer. There is no smell during cooking which is a great benefit in a hot kitchen.