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Watch out for a FlavOil van near you!

FlavOil vans will be zipping around the country as we are now delivering to more and more chip shops in every town and city. It is a great job because we get to try some of the best chips out there- and there is quite a variety. Many of the chippies are full restaurants these […]

Quick Service’s Push for Healthier Cooking Oils

Oil pumped from the ground is often dubbed “black gold.” In that same vein, the popular oils used by chefs easily could be called “liquid gold.”

For years, cooking oils have been key to the limited-service restaurant industry, whether they’re used for frying, grilling, or any of a dozen other functions in the kitchen.

What Type of Oil Can I Use to Deep Fry Fish?

Fish and chips is one of the world’s great fast foods, a classic on par with hamburgers, pizza, falafel sandwiches and tacos. The combination of crisp, golden batter and tender, moisc fish is alluring, and the smell of frying fish can draw aficionados from miles around. Traditionally, beef tallow was the preferred deep-frying fat; it was later replaced by solid shortenings.


The type of fat we include in our meals can influence our wellness or likelihood to get sick. Earlier studies have shown that diet high in saturated fat, which primarily comes from animal sources such as dairy products and meat, can increase inflammation in the body, which can lead to a range of diseases such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease.

A Family’s Quest for a Healthier Oil Leads to Sunflowers

PLEASANT VALLEY, N.Y.—Kevin Haight is a farmer who was born and bred in the Hudson Valley, a fertile region bordering the Hudson River north of New York City. Like most small-scale farmers, he was on the hunt for an additional source of income for his family.