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Czech this out

We all went over to Prague in the Czech republic to exhibit at the Food and Hotel fair. We are introducing High Oleic oil in several countries simply because there is a need for healthier oil in every frying situation. Where in the UK we have a big fish & chip industry, other countries also […]


This week FlavOil exhibited at the prestigious Speciality Food Expo in the Dubai World Trade Centre. The show was attended by Food innovators across the globe and we were there to introduce our High Oleic Cooking Oil to restaurants and food companies in the Middle East. We met a lot of new contacts here and […]

Selling oil to Arabia

As part of FlavOil’s commitment to spreading the word about ‘The best frying oil money can FRY’, the UK based company is exhibiting at the forthcoming Fine Food and Speciality fair in Dubai from 18th – 20th September this year. FlavOil will be flying the flag for their outstanding new oil (High Oleic Frying Oil) and they […]

Van-tastic Service from FlavOil

High Oleic oil manufacturers FlavOil are now delivering direct to customers all over the UK in their distinctive new vans. FlavOil have introduced High Oleic Oil into the Chippies all over the country and their customers are raving about the quality and significant savings when using the oil. Chippies such as The Catch in Hastings […]

Free From Food Awards

Although Flavoil is famous for High Oleic Frying oil, it is also a maker of sunflower oil based products and vegan & vegetarian products too! One of our great Free From products is Amaise, a really tasty egg free Mayo that was whipped up by our food experts. Amaise is great for anyone with a […]

FlavOil in the News

FlavOil was pleased to see ourself mentioned in the latest must-read issue of The Fish Friers Review, the magazine of the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF). It’s another great issue and mentions the forthcoming Fish & Chip Day that will be taking place on June 2nd and is organised by another great institution the National Edible Oil Association (NEODA).


FlavOil were excited to be part of the huge IFE Expo in London’s ExCel Centre over 4 days this week. The show is the biggest Food and Drink Event in the UK and is held once every two years. Hundreds of premier league food manufacturers from all over the World attended the show and allowed visitors to taste their wares.

NFFF meeting

A delegation from FlavOil paid a visit to the excellent facilities at the National Federation of Fish friers (NFFF) in Leeds, England this week.
The delegation consisted of sales manager, Robin Tillmanns, marketing manager, Martin McHugh and in the role of photographer, our versatile office manager Tanya Bland.

Sunflower crop finds fit in Kansas farmer’s rotation

In what could have been devastating turn of events, Lindsborg, Kansas, farmer Karl Esping rose above. After suffering first a heart attack and then a crippling Easter freeze to his wheat crop, he found a crop to help him heal: sunflowers.
“I was in the house for weeks,” Esping said of his heart attack. “I got to reading about sunflowers.

So, what is in that Vegetable Oil?

The next time you’re in the supermarket, spend a little more time than usual in the oil section and take a look at what plants they come from. The vast majority are pretty obvious: coconut oil comes from coconuts, peanut oil from peanuts, etc. Only two are likely to be a little confusing: canola oil and vegetable oil. Canola oil actually comes from the rapeseed plant…

Egypt cannot get enough Sunflower Oil

Egypt has sealed deals to import 90,000 tons of edible oil in the near future, as part of a government effort to boost the supply of strategic commodities, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Ali El-Moselhy said on Wednesday.
Under the signed contracts, 60,000 tonnes of sunflower oil…

Why Dermatologists Want You to Consider the Oil-Cleansing Method

At some point, you’ve probably heard about the oil-cleansing method, i.e., using an oil to remove dirt and, well, oil from your face. You’ve also probably been a little nervous about the idea, given that “oil” and “skin” seem like a bad combination. But cleansing oils are growing in popularity and regularly appear on drugstore shelves…

More uses for Sunflower oil!

It’s truly disheartening to pull out a cast iron pan to find it covered in rust. It can (and should) be rescued. All it takes is a bit of elbow grease, a few minutes, some fine steel wool, salt and cooking oil.

Good fats can cut risk of death by 27%, study says

(CNN)We’ve long known that “bad” fats aren’t the healthiest choices in our diets, but the latest news from Harvard is lethal: Eating too much saturated or trans fat can increase your risk of dying.

Report explores the global sunflower oil market

Global Sunflower Oil Industry 2017 Market Research Report provide the details about Industry Overview and analysis about Manufacturing Cost Structure, Revenue, Gross Margin, Consumption Value and Sale Price, Major Manufacturers, Distributors…

Palm Oil: The New Fat Under Fire

Feb. 9, 2017 — As artery-clogging trans fats continue to disappear from foods, one of the fats replacing it is coming under fire: palm oil.
Palm oil is found in many foods, including margarines and spreads like Nutella, peanut butter (Jif, Smart Balance and others)…

Sunflower University promotes sunflowers as beneficial crop

Nuseed and Legend Seeds partnered to bring the third annual series of Sunflower University events to South Dakota. One event was held in Ft. Pierre. Sunflower University is a seminar featuring representatives from multiple companies offering ways to assist in sunflower production.

Cargill Foods India Gears up to Battle Counterfeiting

Cargill Foods India, a leading FMCG company has decided to fight against one of the major scenarios in India – Counterfeit Products. Addressing the impact of counterfeiting in India, Cargill Foods India announced initiatives to combat it at an event held today in Delhi.

Sunflower Oil Most Preferred Cooking Oil in GCC

On the basis of product, the cooking oil market in the GCC and Qatar is segmented into sunflower oil, corn oil, palm oil, and others. The others segment comprises soybean oil, flaxseed oil, and coconut oil, among others. Sunflower oil recorded a significant share in the cooking oil market, accounting for more than 70% in 2015.


In 2016, the major importers of Ukrainian oilseeds and vegetable oil were Asian, European and African countries, mainly Egypt (19.7%) in terms of oilseeds, India and China in terms of vegetable oil (43% in total).

More than 1,100 San Diego city vehicles run on renewable diesel

It may come as a surprise to many that edible oil can be recycled into diesel fuel, but it is quite true. A diesel engine can run on many fuel oils and recycled cooking oil is perfect (once it is properly treated).

Broccoli Science: Natural Fatty Acids Follow The Golden Ratio

The number of theoretically possible fatty acids with the same chain length but different structures can be determined with the aid of the famous Fibonacci sequence. The ability to calculate the number of possible fatty acids is of great importance for their chemical analysis…

NFFF meeting

Robin and Martin visited the NFFF (National Federation of Fish Friers) headquarters in Leeds to discuss the marketing of Fish and Chips in the UK. They were welcomed by the Vice President Mr Andrew Crook. The NFFF headquarters are based near the Leeds City Centre and the amenities are very clean, new and impressive as befits an organisation devoted to the national dish that was founded almost 100 years ago.

Wanis international foods

In the first week of the New Year we travelled across to East London to see our Green Label Sunflower Oil taking its place among the dazzling collection of food products in the huge Wanis food distribution warehouse in East London.


One of the best true stories of Christmas is the kindness shown by many people who give up their holiday and the comfort of their own home to help the homeless.
Crisis is a Charity that has become synonymous with helping others at Christmas and they work hard to provide help for over 4000 people, young and old, who find themselves alone and homeless at Christmas.

What Type of Oil Can I Use to Deep Fry Fish?

Fish and chips is one of the world’s great fast foods, a classic on par with hamburgers, pizza, falafel sandwiches and tacos. The combination of crisp, golden batter and tender, moisc fish is alluring, and the smell of frying fish can draw aficionados from miles around. Traditionally, beef tallow was the preferred deep-frying fat; it was later replaced by solid shortenings.

One of our workers at the office

Our Sunflower farms do not use nicotinoid insecticides and we have long proudly claimed that our Sunflower Oil is ‘Bee Friendly’ so it is good to see that Greenpeace is also looking at this.

New Food Labelling regulations

New Food Labelling regulations come into force in the UK on December 13th 2016. That is next month!
FlavOil popped over to the swanky FDF headquarters in London to attend a course in food labelling. The course was run by labelling experts SALSA (who probably know a bit too much about labelling) and covered some interesting aspects of labelling.

Flavoil out and about

The indefatigable Robin Tillmanns, FlavOil’s popular Sales manager attended a Brexit summit at the British Library in London. The event was organised by the Food and Drink Federation (of which we are members) and was intended to explore the effects of Brexit on companies operating in our sector.

Silly season is on its way

Many of us are just back from SIAL in Paris. Well there are worse places to go for a trade show I can think of!

Although, despite what my team think, these trips are probably not as exciting as they think, with all the daylight hours being spent inside a metal shed, and any of the Paris tourist sights are glimpsed from the back seat of an Uber in the dark!

SIAL Paris 16-20 octobre 2016

Phew! We love to attend shows about food and oils and we had to fly over to Paris this week to attend the mighty SIAL which is the World’s largest Expo on food and drink with 7000 exhibitors.

What a couple of days…

What a couple of days we had a the Takeaway and Streetfood expo at the huge ExCel arena. ExCel is so big it has a train station at each end. We really like going to shows but it is quite an effort and we had a little trouble putting up our stand.

Flavoil are pleased to announce that we have become members of the North American Sunflower Association.

The National Sunflower Association are champions of the great benefits of Sunflower Oils across the pond in North America, and we at Flavoil share these aims and values. High Oleic Sunflower Oil is a great oil for cooking and dipping and we want everyone to know about it.

FLAVOIL are delighted to announce the launch of our own HOSO High Oleic Sunflower Oil

FLAVOIL are delighted to announce the launch of our own HOSO High Oleic Sunflower Oil. This revolutionary brand of Sunflower Oil is probably the perfect oil for all kitchen uses as it has an exemplary nutritional profile combined with a high performance across all cooking tasks.

Flavoil joins the NEODA

Flavoil are pleased to announce that we are now members of the respected NEODA organisation.

Mexican Street Food

This is a perfect time of year for setting up the barbecue and serving a new treat for your family or guests! The shops are full of corn cobs and after soaking the cobs for 10 minutes, coat them in Corn Oil or Sunflower oil and throw them on the barbecue and grill them until they are charred.

It really is Sunflowers!

A recent survey showed that 30% of the public did not know that Sunflower Oil is really made from Sunflowers!

The oil is indeed extracted from the delicious seeds in the head of the sunflower and bottled for sale. Pure unrefined Sunflower oil (cold pressed) has a tasty nutty quality and is valued as a healthy and interesting alternative to Olive Oil.

We’re with the NFFF!

Great Britain invented fish and chips, a dish famous all over the world, and led the world in the development of casual eating, fast food and takeaways which are such a help with today’s hectic lifestyles.
Flavoil are therefore proud to announce that we are now a member of the UK’s National Federation of Fish Friers and we support the aims of the Young

We are the member of the Food and Drink Federation

FlavOil is delighted to announce it’s recent membership of the prestigious Food and Drink Federation (FDF), an organisation that provides valuable insights into food and drink trends that effect every one of us.
This is in accordance with our own philosophy of providing the highest quality edible oil products to our customers all at unbeatable value.

New packaging for oils: bag-in-box

During the development of its products FlavOil Ltd devoted a lot of time and energy to the development and research in the field of packaging materials. Having experimented and researched consumer preferences the company have found the optimal solution for the packaging of our products – the “Bag-in-Box”.

What do you know about Warm Pressed Oil?

After a lengthy period of analysing the UK edible oil market in determining what consumers really want from their oil, this in conjunction with the unprecedented success of our other range of edible oils.Flavoil are delighted to present all foodies out there our Unique and simply delicious Warm Pressed all natural sunflower oil.

Professional range Oiltra Prof and Chef

Flavoil understood early on that a clear need existed for an oil based product that caters exclusively for the professional Kitchen, both in terms of product and packaging.
Our technologist have worked overtime to develop two products that cater to this very need.
Flavoil in immensely proud to introduce Oiltra Prof deep fry king and Oiltra chef liquid frying oil.

Expo 27th and 28th September London Excel centre

Following the tremendous success of the NEC Food and Drink expo in Birmingham.Flavoil Ltd are delighted and extremely proud to announce we will again be exhibiting at the prestigious Take-Away innovation expo at the London excel centre on the 27th and 28th September 2016.

Food & Drink Expo 18-20 April 2016 NEC Birmingham

We are delighted and extremely proud to announce the huge success of the food and drink expo in Birmingham on Monday 19th April 2016. The key for us was to allow people to understand the different product ranges we have. In our home range we have oils such as sunflower, vegetable, soybean` and rapeseed. On the other hand, our professional range include sunflower, vegetable, Oiltra prof deep Fry King and Oiltra Chef Frying Liquid.