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Private Labels

“Your personal BRAND is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency and reliability”


Why promote other Company’s brands when you can promote your own, after all its much more cost effective than you may think.


As proud as Flavoil are about our own branded range of oils,because we know exactly each and every quality ingredient that goes into making each and every drop, we fully appreciate other Company’s desire to fly their own flag with their very own private label, after all why wouldn’t you? We are extremely proud that many of the Uk’s largest and most respected food companies have trusted our products with their own label; with spectacular results.This is simply due to the fact that they realise that unlike other oil sellers with little or no control over the oil they are selling, Flavoil manufactures their own with an undying commitment to quality.


After all:


We have our very own super experienced in-house design team, armed with years of experience and state of the art labelling technology.


We have successfully designed labels for customers in most foreign markets, understanding the cultural nuances in these markets, not least the Middle East and China whose labelling requirements rank amongst the strictest in the world


We work with customers from the initial planning stage of their own label, right through to the finished product, all the while offering our unparalleled expertise in design to conquer any local or foreign market, as we understand that more often than not a label can make or break a products success especially in markets potential customers don’t understand. In addition we provide a dedicated account manager throughout the process.


So it really is quite simple, when you chose to put your label on Flavoil’s products, you can rest assured and be guaranteed you are  putting your label on the finest quality oil money can buy, this in addition to our technical expertise, all combined to create a label and product your Company can be truly proud of; as we fully understand a label represents the Company and the values it stands for.


And thats just what our overgrowing list of delighted customers are saying.