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For Home Use

Whether it is for dressing your favourite salad, frying steak for your dinner parties or simply drizzling over bread, FlavOil's incredibly diverse range of home cooking oils is sure to meet your every possible kitchen expectation.

Our home cooking range is exclusively created to maximise you and your family’s meal time enjoyment, and after all what could be more important than sharing meals and spending time with your loved ones. At FlavOil your family meal times are covered.

Not only are FlavOil’s home cooking oils absolutely delicious with their unique taste, but our food technologists have made every effort to keep you and your family’s health in mind. In fact we are proud to announce that just one tablespoon of our oil will provide 40% of your daily requirements of Vitamin E as well as other essential health providing minerals. Due to their lower than average rates of bad fat, FlavOil has you and your family’s well being in mind.

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For Professional Use

The core of FlavOil's business is our unparalled range of oils and fats for professional use. Whether you are a food manufacturer, caterer, restaurant owner or major wholesaler, we are delighted to say our professional range caters to every conceivable industry.

At FlavOil our priority is to build relationships that last, a win/win scenario for our organization and its customers to grow together organically. Our effective logistics and production ensure that our oil and fat supply remain consistent. Our transparent way of doing things ensure you always know where you stand at FlavOil.We also lead the industry in terms of our bespoke designed bag in box packaging.
We fully understand the vigours of professional food production in all its forms, thus our ground breaking technologists have created our professional range with just this in mind and we take this responsibility very seriously. Besides their incredible tastes and health benefits, our professional range is priced to the extent you simply couldn’t afford no take notice.

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