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All the information provided below is based
on actual tests and research.

Fats and oils (also called lipids) – are an insoluble substance of solid or liquid consistency. Fats, that stay liquid under temperatures below 20°C are called oils.

Unrefined oils and animal fats are not suitable for frying – they start to smoke at relatively low temperatures, influence the taste of fried products and in comparison to the refined and deodorised oils have a short frying life for deep frying. As an example you can find below the information about the difference of smoking point in refined and unrefined oils…






Not all oils are the same and they are not created equal.
Some are true heavy duty oils and some are just cheap low to medium duty oils.
Our labs at FlavOil continually test our oils against the most common oils on the market – here we put our heavy duty CHEF brand to the test…







There are a lot of cooking oils on the market, many making claims about performance, taste and longevity.
It can be confusing and we at FlavOil decided to put these claims to the test.
Under professional kitchen conditions (heavy duty) four of the most popular cooking oils would duke it out over a 5 day frying marathon.
The contenders were The New High Oleic Sunflower Cooking Oil (HOSO), The very popular Rapeseed Cooking Oil, the common Soybean Cooking Oil and The popular Corn Oil…






Deep frying over long periods requires a blend of cooking oils to achieve the incomparable flavour and crisp texture of perfectly fried food. Contrary to popular belief, fried food, properly cooked in hot oil does not need to be oily or unhealthy.
Oiltra Prof, the ‘Deep Fry King’ is a blend of high quality sunflower oils with a touch of Palm Olein to add a professional note.

Here, Flavoil’s Oiltra Prof fights it out with the excellent New Sunflower Cooking Oil, Product 1 – a well known partially hydrogenated blend and Product 2 – a well known semi-solid fat.